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Eastern Topographics - Aerial photography and topographic mapping of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey.
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GC Help

Having trouble locating a lone tree in the woods?
GC photo In order to identify the lone tree and its surroundings it may be necessary to view the photos in stereo or under magnification.
x-map Using software such as Delorme's x-map to do a simple geo-reference in order to extract the rough coordinates in order to help locate the point in the field.
Geo Software Other software can be used as well to get further accuracy or aid in locating the point for extracting the the rough coordinates in order to help locate the point in the field.
GPS Receiver Loading the extracted rough coordinates into a hand held GPS receiver to locate the point in the field.
Field Photo Once arriving at the destination, confirm by looking at the aerial imagery in stereo to confirm that you are in the correct area.  You may have to look around a little as the GPS coordinates will  only take you to the general area.  Once the tree is identified you are able to make your precision survey measurements. (Not with the hand held unit.)

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